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5 Anderson Done

Junior varsity and varsity contributor

Parents:  Andrew and Elizabeth Done

7 Tyler Rhodes

Running Back

Winner of 2013 Courage Award

Parents:  Kyle and Kim Rhodes

8 Tony Castillo

Parents:  Chico Castillo and Maria Del Carmen

10 Reuben Rigney

First year player

Parents:  Skip and Denise Rigney

12 Darius Beverly

Five year player, All State

Parent:  Dinah Beverly

14 Kyle Hageman

September 22, 2012 - The Saints junior varsity visited Belle Chasse Middle School for a first-ever matchup between the programs.

15 David Sochia

September 27, 2012 - Played at Pan American Stadium, the Saints lose to the eventual state champions 73-0.

16 Caysee Wells

September 29, 2012 - For the fourth straight year, the Saints junior varsity visited Slidell Youth Football, losing this year 30-0.

17 Daniel Adams

October 3, 2012 - The Saints faced the ninth grade team from Brother Martin High School of New Orleans. Played at Pan American Stadium, the Saints move the ball but are unable to score, losing 35-0.

20 Ben Blouin

Parents - Paul and Flo Blouin

22 Josiah Trahan

Parents - Jeff and Deb Trahan

25 Eli Brown

Parents - Brook and Sherry Brown

26 Pete Wypyszinski

Parents - Peter and Micki Wypyszinski

27 Myron Ernest

Parents - Shawn Ernest  

28 Hayden Done

Parents - Andrew and Elizabeth Done

Press Box
Great Coverage

The third season of the Home School Saints found its way into newspapers and televisions all around the country.



16 Justin Comeaux Freshman WR/DB 2013 Home School Saints



  5 Anderson Done 8th WR/DB 
  7 Tyler Rhodes Sophomore RB/DL 
  8 Tony Castillo Senior QB/LB 
10 Reuben Rigney Freshman WR/LB 
12 Darius Beverly Senior QB/DB 
14 Kyle Hageman 7th WR/LB 

15 David Sochia 7th WR/LB 
16 Justin Comeaux Freshman WR/DB 
17 J.J. Gerhard 8th  QB/DB 
20 Ben Blouin Freshman WR/DB
25 Timothy Lapeyre Senior WR/DB

26 Peter Wypyszinski 8th  WR/DB

27 Myron Ernest Junior WR/DL

58 Hayden Done Sophomore RB/LB
50 David Warren 6th OL/DL 
51 Stehen Landeche 8th OL/DL

52 Lance Simmons 8th OL/DL 
53 John Burke Junior OL/DL 
54 Jacob McLendon Junior OL/DL 
55 Michael Stasney Sophomore OL/DL

56 Christian Lacaze Sophomore OL/DL
57 John Montalbano Sophomore OL/DL 
58 Chris Bernard Junior OL/DL 

59 Nathan Adams Sophomore OL/DL 
60 Daniel Patterson Freshman OL/DL 
62 Tyler Rhodes Freshman OL/LB
74 Andrew Moret Freshman OL/DL
76 Eli Brown Freshman OL/DL 
78 Zamani Smith Freshman OL/DL 
82 Blake Fisher Freshman WR/DB 
88 Christian McCloud Sophmore WR/DB



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