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Above:  The Courage Award is given to a different Saints player every year 

Below:  The Courage Award

The Courage Award

Football Requires Courage

Courage is the willingness and ability to do one's duty despite feelings of fear.  Football requires its participants to have courage.  And it is plain to all spectators which players possess it.


Every year, at the Home School Saints End-of-Season banquet, the Courage Award is given to the member of the team that best displayed courage during the season.

Who created the Courage Award?

The family of Niles Moffat donated the award to the team in 2009, designed to be an annual recognition of contributions from Home School Saints players.  Niles was voted to the 2009 All-State Football Team as a safety, despite being only in seventh grade.  His physical display of courage is the beginning of the award.  


Who announces the winner of the Courage Award?

Assistant Coach Dave Stoehr presents the Courage Award at the conclusion of the End-of-Season banquet.


How is the Courage Award winner selected?

The Home School Saints coaching staff meets and selects the Courage Award winner.


Why is courage emphasized with the Home School Saints?

The greatest men on earth became great by an exercise of courage.  Perhaps a handful of Home School Saints will go on to play college football or coach the game.  But every single Home School Saint will find a time when courage is required.  Football is simply a practice for developing the habit of using courage in the game of life.


How do Home School Saints players demonstrate courage outside of football?

- Speaking to a father about his daughter
- Doing something risky
- Standing up for a person who is being picked on
- Asking for a promotion or a raise at work
- Helping a person in need, even if its dangerous
- Taking a stand against something unfair
- Making a public presentation 

- Leaving a job to find a new one


Who has been awarded the Courage Award?

2010 Travis Dolly

2011 Silas Borelly

2012 Hayden Done

2013 Tyler Rhodes (pictured left with Assistant Coach Mark Russell)

2015 Noah Guey

2017 Andrew Brunet



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