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Home School Saints Learn On and Off the Football Field

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Below:  Coach Burke meets with Hudl founders in Lincoln, NE headquarters

Hudl Is A Web-Based Video Tool

The Home School Saints use Hudl to learn about football when not at practice. is a service that is very important to the Home School Saints football experience.  Each member of the team and coaching staff have a unique ID (email address) and a password that only Hudl knows.  Each participant manges their own password.  Whoever forgets their password can log into Hudl using their email address and request that a new password be emailed.


What is stored in Hudl?  

Lots of video and data are stored in Hudl:

Game Footage.  Every single football play during all games are stored on Hudl. For each play, the play formation and call are listed.

Statistics.  Players involved in running, passing, catching or tackling are identified with each play.  These statistics are provided to local media.  Some unofficial stats are also tracked, such as "bulldozers", "knock-downs" and "pancakes".

Opponent Video.  Future opponents of the Home School Saints have their game footage loaded into Hudl.  The coaching staff prepare game plans based on this footage.  Players can scout their assignments and learn opponent tendencies.

Individual Highlight Video.  Each player can easily create their own highlight film.  When a player views a play that they like, they simply click on the "star" button to add it to their highlights.  Players can watch their season compilation of highlights whenever they wish.  

College Recruiting.  Upon request, Head Coach John Burke can submit highlight videos and player statistics to college recruiting staff.  Many college and NFL programs also use Hudl, which makes the transfer of video and data as easy as clicking a button.  Players can bypass Coach Burke and use Facebook to send recruiting packets directly.

Grading Officials.  After each game, Head Coach John Burke submits grades and comments regarding the officiating crew.  The information is requested by local referee associations to assist and train officials.

Filters.  Players can use filters to hone in on helpful information.  Filter examples:  "List all plays where I fumbled" (quarterbacks fumble snaps when they are running the ball, center fumble snaps when they pull to block ends), "Show all passes where I was not the intended receiver" (shows if the player works hard even when the ball is not coming to him), "What does this opponent run when facing third down and long", etc...

Power of Self-Correction.   

Parents.  Parents can really help their son improve in football by encouraging him to use Hudl to observe his actions.  Make sure to use the Hudl tutorials because they are the fastest way to learn how to make the most of this opportunity.


Why is Hudl so important for home school team sports?  Hudl has a special role in supporting home school team sports because of the unique features of home schooling.  OftenLots of video and data are stored in Hudl:

Recognition of Videographers

Many parents have volunteered over the years to help with this video effort.  Of particular help are the parents who videotape each Home School Saint game.  It is difficult to enjoy a football game when watching through a viewfinder.  It takes a special servant to handle the job.  Here are the parents who served as videographers of practices and games in the past:
2009:  Steverson Moffat
2010:  Shelly Sour and Doug Mauras
2011:  Andrew Done and Steve Spires

2012:  Andrew Done and Tom Fisher

2013:  Andrew Done and Tom Fisher




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