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"Your will to prepare has to exceed your will to win."  Drew Brees

LSU!  Hayden Done attended the LSU High School Camp

Nike Combine

Quarterback Darius Beverly attended the Nike SPARQ Combine

How Can I Get Better In The Offseason?


Football imitates life, which explains why preparation is so important for the Home School Saints.  Half of a great high school football experience is simply preparing oneself long before hitting the field under the lights.


Going to summer football camps is a great way to inspire a football player.  There are several types of camps that can accomplish several goals.  


Youth camps are designed for kids up to about age 13.  Most youth camps are non-contact camps that focus on teaching basic football skills.  A new football player would not likely feel intimidated.  LSU has a great youth camp with the option of spending nights in an on-campus dormitory or simply attending during the daytime.  Here is a listing of some camps offered for youth:

LSU Youth Camp early June

Southeastern Youth Camp early June


High school camps are designed for kids entering ninth grade and higher.  These camps have different goals than youth camps, generally speaking.  High school camps are focused on identifying football scholarship athletes.  There is also the opportunity to receive quality instruction, usually from collegiate coaches.  These camps can be intimidating for new players and younger athletes. They can also inspire teenage boys to push themselves.  It will help some players "see their potential" and "want to work harder" because they will see older players about to receive scholarships or wish they had worked harder to earn them.  LSU's high school camp has great coaches and attracts gifted athletes.  Tulane also offers camps.  Most high school camps will have participants run through an NFL Combine type of skills identification test:  40 yard dash, vertical leap measurement, etc.  It can feel a little like a "meat market", but most teenagers think its cool.  

LSU High School Camp early June

Southeastern High School Camp early June

Louisiana Tech High School Camp late June

Tulane High School Camp late June

Offensive Line Defensive Line Camp late June

Manning Passing Academy early July


Training Camps and Trainers

This category of offseason work has the tendency to provide the greatest rewards in terms of development.  Many NFL and collegiate football players have found it very helpful to receive training during the offseason separate from their own program's offerings.  These training programs filtered down to high school athletics and is now a dominant trend.  Several Home School Saints coaches have personal experience with Derrick Joseph, Final Fitness and The Duke Academy, which is highly recommended.  But there are other fine training programs. 

Exercise and Nutrition

Most teenage boys need more exercise and better nutrition.  Few seem to do something about it on their own.  The Home School Saints have seen some of its football players greatly improve in the offseason through simply developing an exercise program on their own.  Most often, it is a running and/or weight-lifting program that is a father-son project.  Have some fun and create your own conditioning challenge course by copying some well-known tasks on the speed ladder or simple exercises that can be done without a ladder.  There is a great nutrition site.


History of Strength and Conditioning

What did Knute Rockne do when he needed a stronger, faster football team?  He called a priest!  ESPN says "The Godfather of Strength and Conditioning" is Boyd Epley.  

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