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No one knows how to handle adversity due to weather like the people of New Orleans

The weather changes constantly and parents often wonder, "Do we still have practice today?" or "Should I drive to practice only to discover it has been cancelled?"

In the most rarest events, practices can be cancelled.  But they are done so before 3pm so parents know before they leave for practices.  If a practice is cancelled, all team members receive an e-mail and text.

Beat the Heat, Cheat the Rain


The Home School Saints practice football and play games during the hottest time of year.  This is how we beat the heat:
Home School Saints Should Hydrate All Day:  Players should begin drinking water long before hitting the practice field.  Saints players should have a good lunch, making it unneccesary to eat on the way to a practice or game.  Hydrate on the way to practice or game.  If you wait until you're thirsty during practice to hydrate, you've waited too long.
Home School Saints Practices Feature Plentiful Water Stations:  Provided during practices at every conditioning station and during each segment.  Players do not wait for a break to get water.
Home School Saints Game Day:  Not only do players get generous water breaks at the end of every quarter, but the New Orleans Officials Association enforces a "heat and humidity" break in the middle of each quarter.
Home School Saints Practices Are Never Rained Out:  The Home School Saints practice football and play games in all manner of rain storms.  No matter how heavy the rain, the Saints will practice and play.  

Lightning Is Taken Very Seriously


Nothing will stop a Home School Saints practice or game...except lightning.  
Games:  The National Federation of High School Coaches rulebook requres that every home team head coach carry a lightning detector during games.  If a lightning strike is detected less than six miles from the field, the game must be delayed until the threat has passed.  If a lightning strike is detected less than six miles from the field, practice will be suspended until the threat passes. 

The Rain Practice:  Don't Miss The Most Fun Practice Ever


What is the most fun that Home School Saints players ever have?  They answer:  "rain practices".  Don't miss the great lessons (and fun) that can be learned while playing football in the rain.


When the practice field is particularly swamped, the team plays a game called "Great Catches".

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